Welcome to the Team: Chris Forbes

Chris Forbes

Product Analyst

Chris Forbes is a Product Analyst for Stratasan, where he will be supporting Tableau tools and working on discovery analysis. He will mainly be supporting MRA and Focus Pathway. Chris has been working in the analytics space for about 7 years, and was most recently the Director of BI. Most of his career has revolved around SQL and Tableau development. He has worked in both healthcare (clinical analytics) and within the mortgage banking space.

Chris was born and raised just outside of Nashville, over by the Warner Parks. He has a beautiful wife named Katherine and a dog named Kobe. They currently live in Sylvan Park. Outside of work, Chris is a man of endless hobbies, including all things rugby, nature, art and anything that has to do with building or trucks. He absolutely loves working on their 1930’s craftsman house and tinkering around with his ’04 F150. If there’s only one thing Chris really enjoys, it’s making old things new again.

Welcome to the team, Chris!

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