Welcome to the Team: Hannah Squiers

Hannah Squiers

Customer Training Specialist

Hannah Squiers is the Customer Training Specialist for Stratasan. In this position, she will be responsible for leading and presenting client onboarding, implementation, and training on Stratasan’s application, tools, and available data sets. With a Masters in Public Health, Hannah started her career path by handling the community education program for a comprehensive domestic violence organization, and eventually moved further into the public health sphere as a health educator for the military community. She spent 5 years delivering and presenting on health promotion programs, providing health education, and individual health coaching. 

Hannah currently lives in Northern Virginia, but is originally from Texas. She is a military spouse and has two little girls, a cat, and a German Shepherd. She loves hiking, weightlifting, and making homemade pasta. When she’s not working, Hannah enjoys impromptu dance parties with her kids, exploring new cities, and reading a good book with a cup of hot coffee.

Welcome to the team, Hannah!

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