Welcome to the Team: Stephanie Santos

Stephanie Santos


Stephanie Santos

Stephanie Santos is a Paralegal at Stratasan. In this position, she will be the primary liaison between Stratasan and external legal resources and assist with interpreting and responding to sales contracts and other legal documents.

Stephanie has 19 years of experience in the legal field, varying from real estate closings, pre-litigation, and litigation cases.

She lives in Taunton, MA with her husband and is the parent of furbabies Cindy (cat), Abi (dog), and Tank (dog). She has a twin brother and both her and her husband come from large families (both 1 of 5 children), and they are the proud aunt and uncle of 25+ nieces and nephews.

Stephanie is an avid beach vacationer and loves to go camping, fishing, and boating. She loves staying over at the casinos, attending car shows and live music events, dancing, and spending time with family and friends.

Welcome to the team, Stephanie!

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