Welcome to the Team: Steve Erro

Steve Erro

Product Manager

Steve Erro is the Product Manager at Stratasan. In this position, Steve is responsible for designing products with great user experience and a focus on customer retention. He believes in a user-centered design while focusing on success metrics that move the company forward. Steve has worked across multiple product types and marketing channels. He has participated in everything from the UX of physical and digital products, the UI of embedded systems, landing page optimization, PPC marketing, and directing AB testing. No matter if the project is a local marketing initiative or an internal tool, he has learned that open communication and a healthy conversation is the key to driving successful projects.

Outside of work, Steve is a general hobbyist. He dabbles in anything from furniture restoration, cooking, running, curating collections, and reading. He is constantly curious about how things are made and is always looking to learn something new.

Welcome to the team, Steve!

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