Empower Your Payer Negotiations

Make the Case for Higher Reimbursement Rates

Market Problem

Too often, when entering negotiations with payers, providers are not equipped with the right data-based insights to make an effective case for increasing reimbursement rates. Without market-specific data to support their position, providers must often accept the reimbursement rates offered by the health plan.

Providers need:

Stratasan's Solution

Stratasan helps solve this issue for providers with Market Reimbursement Analyzer and the activation of our data, transparent market insights, and market data visualization.

Our Data
Data You Can Trust

Never worry about “black-box” methods, undefined formulas, or confusing algorithms again. Quantifiable confidence scoring metrics ensure integrity without complex data modeling. Quarterly updates mean more frequent access to the most recent data.

Our People
Transparent Market Insights

Providers can access market-specific data to see how allowable rates have changed over time; creating an opportunity to analyze reimbursement rates by payer, provider or product line and measure meaningful market shifts.

Our Technology
Market-Specific Data Visualization

Perhaps for the first time, providers will see how they’re performing against prevailing market reimbursement rates. With the ability to drill down to the HCPCS level, these visualizations illustrate a direct comparison between you and the market

"With Market Reimbursement Analyzer, providers can go into payer negotiations with confidence and ensure they’re getting paid what they’re worth."

Expected Benefits & Results

With Market Reimbursement Analyzer, providers can expect to: