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Spend more time developing meaningful relationships, creating alignment with physicians in your service area, and uncovering valuable opportunities for growth within your market.


Target specific pockets of pertinent populations for specific service lines, while driving positive ROI for your marketing initiatives.

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Arm yourself with the insights and analytics necessary for facilitating growth and providing economies of scale via mergers and acquisitions.

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This white paper outlines 6 tactics to tell a better story with your data.

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By harnessing our data expertise and combining it with their local knowledge, our customers can remove the roadblock of endless data analysis and progress to the important work of data-based growth planning.

  • Across the Board Our Partners Agree:
    Stratasan is a Game Changer

    Denise Tumulty, Senior Director of Client Services, Wax Custom Communications

    "Time and again, Stratasan has proven to be a reliable partner in developing targeted, forward-thinking marketing strategies that meet the needs of our diverse healthcare clients. They are an incredibly valuable extension of our team, consistently providing what we need to achieve our goals."

  • Across the Board Our Partners Agree:
    Stratasan is a Game Changer

    Kelly Meigs, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Tanner Health System

    "My partnership with Stratasan is a perfect example of a fruitful relationship that actually makes my job easier. The team at Stratasan makes me and my department look good and that opens the door for future growth opportunities."

  • Across the Board Our Partners Agree:
    Stratasan is a Game Changer

    Martha Crombie, Principal, The Crombie Group LLC

    "Thank you so much for your (and your team's) responsiveness. It's a great help knowing you guys are in our camp."

  • Across the Board Our Partners Agree:
    Stratasan is a Game Changer

    Steven Levy, Manager, Business Development Planning & Business Development, Valley Health

    "We made the right choice in going with Stratasan. You were invaluable in ensuring accuracy in our reports and your service was quick, helpful and customer-focused."

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