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GIS Analyst, Nashville

We are looking to add a GIS Analyst to join our growing team. As a member of the Strategic Resources Group [SRG], a GIS Analyst at Stratasan has two primary functions: (1) Create, manage, and collaborate on maps and product deliverables using ArcMap, (2) Pull data from Stratasan’s application, client data submissions, and other data.

Overview of Position:

(1) Create, manage, and collaborate on maps and product deliverables using ArcMap:

  • The primary focus of the GIS Analyst position is producing maps for the SRG project work
  • Map work will match the Stratasan GIS template scheme but will cover many wide-ranging themes within the healthcare vertical
  • Through collaboration with other analysts in SRG, the GIS Analysts will create map-based products which will be used in all product deliverables

(2) Pull data from Stratasan’s application, client data submissions, and other data.

  • Use the Microsoft Office Suite to edit and format data for mapping and client deliverables/presentations
  • Querie, pull, and format the various forms of healthcare data that fall within Stratasan’s specialty
  • Format data and maps into the Stratasan deliverable format
  • Present and communicate with clients regarding project work


To apply, email Stephanie Johnson at


Desired Background and Skills:

  • A minimum of 1-2 years experience working with Esri’s ArcMap Desktop Application (College and Certificate Program work qualifies)
    • A portfolio of previous GIS project work will be requested
  • Strong background working with excel and database management
  • Ability to solve problems and work through issues independently as well as being a contributing member in a collaborative team-based environment
  • The ability to work on multiple projects for multiple clients at once
  • Strong descriptive and informative communication skills


Desired Team Traits

  • Ability to work on a large team (12-15 people) and maintain a collaborative approach to projects
  • Possess outstanding communication skills
  • Ability to be flexible and productive under pressure
  • Desire to own and improve on Stratasan’s project deliverables


Bonus Skills:

  • Experience with the following ArcMap extensions: Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, Business Analyst as well as ArcGIS Online experience
  • Experience with SPSS or similar statistical programs
  • Any kind of experience with the Healthcare industry

Apply at or via LinkedIn

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