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Tanner Success Story

Tanner Health System uncovers successful growth strategies through advanced market segmentation


Business Challenge

Like so many other marketing directors, Kelly Meigs of Georgia-based Tanner Health System is faced with the task of doing more with less. Meigs, who leads a team of seven as Tanner’s Director of Marketing and PR, must critically consider every marketing campaign to be sure it aligns with her hospital’s overall strategic goals. “The days of spending marketing money and executing plans that don’t have a reliable measurement system are gone. Marketing teams need fast, reliable, and in-depth information about potential customers in order to build outreach campaigns that have the highest probability of a favorable ROI and that meet specific annual goals,” says Meigs.


Meigs shared that “while there are many CRM systems available to choose from, most are very expensive, difficult to use, and lack the dimension of a partnership.” Finding a team that she could trust and work alongside, not just an information source, was a challenge. When Meigs found Stratasan, a provider of marketing intelligence, she was initially drawn to the Market Research Analysis (MRA), a comprehensive market report showing existing market share and competitive analysis, often used as a backbone to kick off the strategic planning process. “It provided an overall barometer for how Tanner was performing as well as a look into how the competition was doing. The MRA validated a hunch that our service areas were not set up to strategically perform well,” said Meigs. “It’s one thing to have a feeling that something is off, but it’s easier to make changes when you have objective data analysis that backs up your thinking.”


Tanner is a nonprofit healthcare organization which operates for the good of the communities it serves. With this in mind, Meigs was compelled to transform how her marketing team developed plans and how they were equipped to track results. “Tanner reinvests profits back into improving healthcare for communities in west Georgia and east Alabama in the form of expanded facilities, advanced technology, additional physicians and caregivers, emergency care, community outreach, and educational programs. I want to know that my marketing programs are feeding the bottom line so that we can continue to serve our communities to the best of our ability,” shares Meigs.




Stratasan Solution

Stratasan partners with more than 600 hospitals from the nation’s top healthcare systems, across 40 states, helping them achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their strategic market planning. Stratasan’s software quickly afforded Meigs the perfect balance of ready-made, custom reporting and the ability to create her own reports on the fly. “I am able to access intelligence reports in a fraction of the time it would have taken in the past. Stratasan provides data analysis in real time– light years ahead of what we used to get,” says Meigs. “The software is really simple to use, a big improvement from previous options!”


Stratasan’s in-depth Micro-Target Marketing report, which provides psychographic and demographic information by block group, opened a whole new world of insights for Meigs about the communities that Tanner serves. The report provides block group analysis and Tapestry segmentation– buying habits, out-migration, and lifestyle choices of her customers– the critical details that would lead to more informed decision making and equip her to put into practice the marketing transformation she hoped for.


Spark, Stratasan’s diverse team of experts with specialized skills in GIS mapping, health analysis, and data handling, also filled the need for a trusted partner who could come alongside Meigs and her team and provide the insights and intelligence that would enhance the data reporting. “The level of expertise that comes with Spark is truly unmatched– there are so many planning, strategic, and mapping experts. Stratasan is a partner, a real relationship,” says Meigs.





Business Impact

Stratasan’s team and software tools have allowed Meigs to track campaign results at a level that was never before possible, equipping her to make decisions based on reliable data and then report the results of her marketing efforts. Now, Meigs is armed with the results she needs to promote the successes of her team and expand her marketing resources in the future.


“My partnership with Stratasan is a perfect example of a fruitful relationship that actually makes my job easier. The team at Stratasan makes me and my department look good and that opens the door for future growth opportunities.”


Stratasan has redefined the way Tanner approaches market growth. “It’s a modern way of looking at market share,” says Meigs. Tapestry segmentation shows how a shotgun approach to marketing just doesn’t work and you must reach customers on a block group level. “We are now addressing the needs of the new generation that wants customized care,” she continues. “It’s an opportunity to expand our business through thoughtful, trackable, and informed intelligence, making my job as a marketer a lot more effective and enjoyable. I can trust that the Stratasan team will always go the extra mile to meet our needs because they truly care about our success. I know they have my back.”





Kelly Meigs

An MBA, is the director of marketing and public relations at Tanner Health System.

Meigs has more than 17 years of experience in marketing strategy, advertising, public relations, and corporate communications. Meigs has a bachelor’s in journalism with a specialization in advertising from the University of Georgia and a master’s in business administration from the University of West Georgia. She has facilitated and implemented award-winning branding strategies for Tanner, has managed numerous award-winning advertising campaigns and has directed the copywriting, design and production of award-winning websites, billboards, newsletters, and other strategic marketing materials.

She is also a Carroll County Chamber board member, West Georgia Rape Crisis Center board member and Carrollton Dawnbreakers Rotary Public Relations Chair.