Congratulations, Melvin Boyd!

Sales Associate

Congratulations to Melvin L Boyd III on his recent transition to a full-time member of the Stratasan team! 

Melvin joins as a Sales Associate for Stratasan. In this position, Melvin generates future deals for Stratasan through his outreach and connection with healthcare decision-makers. Having recently retired from more than 27 years of military service in the U.S. Air Force, Melvin is the first full-time hire for Stratasan through the Service 2 Software program. 

“We’re extremely excited to bring on Melvin full-time. Melvin is setting the standard for a successful transition out of the military through the Service 2 Software program. He’s already producing great results for our growth team.” – Todd Rode, VP of Sales

In his free time, Melvin enjoys photography, listening to music, and going on vacations. A proud husband and father of two, his oldest is in the Army and serving outside the country while his youngest has the dream of becoming an engineer. Melvin’s wife is an educator with almost 30 years of experience and a doctorate in her field.

Congratulations, Melvin!

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