Congratulations, Carlos Orozco

Carlos Orozco

Information Security Manager Congratulations to Carlos Orozco on his promotion to Information Security Manager! In this position, Carlos provides direction and guidance for Stratasan’s IT and information security teams and manages the overall operations and direction of the IT and information security departments. He ultimately owns Stratasan’s security and compliance efforts. “I appreciate Carlos’s initiative […]

Congratulations, Morgan Atkins!

VP, Products & Innovation Congratulations to Morgan Atkins on her promotion to VP, Product & Innovation! In this position, Morgan has direct accountability and authority over product strategy and execution. She is responsible for telling Stratasan where we should be going next, which products we should be making, and how to increase market share. Morgan […]

Congratulations, Daniel Dreaden!

Project Manager Congratulations to Daniel Dreaden on his recent transition to Project Manager! In this position, Daniel is responsible for designing products with great user experience and a focus on customer retention. He’s a Freed-Hardeman University graduate with a Bachelors in Business Administration and an emphasis in Business Management. Having previously worked for AIM Healthcare […]

Congratulations, Todd Rode!

VP, Sales Congratulations to Todd Rode on his recent promotion to VP of Sales for Stratasan. In this position, Todd is responsible for leading new revenue growth, sales operations, and sales development. Todd comes to Stratasan with 15 years of sales ops and sales development experience, including software startups Consensus Point and Reltio. His previous […]

Congratulations, Haley Attridge!

Director, HR and Administration Congratulations to Haley Attridge on her recent promotion to Director, HR and Administration! In this position, Haley creates processes and procedures for the company in the areas of Human Resources and Data Compliance. “Due to her ongoing pursuit of HR excellence, including PHR Certification and her tireless efforts to help clients […]

Congratulations, Morgan Atkins!

Senior Director, Innovation Congratulations to Morgan Atkins on her recent promotion to Senior Director, Innovation! In this position, Morgan analyzes market needs and cultivates competitive intelligence. She manages a pipeline of ideas prioritized through criteria aligned to Stratasan’s core strategies. Ultimately, she helps to focus Stratasan’s creative spirit on solving market problems. “There are so […]

Congratulations, Haley Devlin!

VP, Special Projects Congratulations to Haley Devlin on her recent transition to VP, Special Projects! In this position, Haley manages and reports on special projects initiated by the senior leadership team. She works cross-functionally to gain influence, buy-in, and support for key company initiatives. Haley has a background in enterprise sales, digital and product marketing, […]

Congratulations, Megan Reeves

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships Congratulations to Megan Reeves on her recent promotion to Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships! “Megan continues to be a key contributor to our team and this move will position her to dedicate more time and attention to a growing sector of our business. Megan will oversee our expanding hospital association client relationships […]

Congratulations, Tony Camarata!

VP, Strategic Solutions Congratulations to Tony Camarata on his recent promotion to VP of Strategic Solutions! “Thanks to Tony’s long history with Stratasan, he has a uniquely qualified ability to connecting the dots between our customers’ pain points and our wide array of products and data. In his conversations with clients, he is able to […]

Congratulations, Dave Sellers!

Senior Data Analyst Congratulations to Dave Sellers on his recent promotion to Senior Data Analyst! “Dave Sellers has been promoted to Senior Data Analyst. We are happy to recognize the tremendous contribution of value that Dave has brought to how we analyze our All-Payer Claims Data. Dave has served as an excellent facilitator and communicator, […]